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Where there's Love you'll always, always find Light

I am the creator of the book, The Light, designed to help people reawaken their Divine inner spark and live a more enlightened life.

Twenty-two luminaries unconditionally contributed chapters to the book, including bestselling authors such as Neale Donald Walsch, Don Miguel Ruiz, Marci Shimoff, and Barbara Marx Hubbard.

The book manifested soon after I endured a life-stopping spell of depression, desperate to know what my purpose was in this lifetime. Eventually, when I realized I had reached rock bottom, I looked up and asked the Universe for a sign. Less than twenty-four hours later I received an answer, in the pages of a magazine, and this led me on a journey of intense healing. Amazing spiritual teachers began to magically show up in my life, all guiding me to step out of the darkness and shine my Light brighter.

During this time, I awakened spiritually and began to see, hear and sense Spirit on a daily basis. One night a "code of Light" was downloaded into my being and another night I saw a huge orb of glowing Light in my bedroom trying to tell me something. The very next day, as I ate dinner, a string of words landed in my head instructing me to bring out a book including all those who had helped me discover my own Light. I was told that this book should be 100% for charity.

And so I began to live my purpose. Guided by white butterflies, number sequences, angelic guides, and many other auspicious signs, eventually the book launched and now I am on a mission to raise one million dollars for the seven chosen charities, to spread love and light, and for people all across the world to read The Light: A Book of Wisdom and rediscover their own Divine spark.

Along with helping others to awaken their inner Light through coaching, workshops and retreats, I am currently creating and authoring more Light books to further my contribution to both planet and people.


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