Sparking the Light in Hearts
and Souls for Love,
Happiness and
Inner Peace

Keidi lives in a magical world of Love and Light, and she is passionate about sharing her fun and zany realm with children of all ages. Adults are welcome too!

She remembers back to when she was a little girl. She would walk to the local library with her Mum almost every single day and take out the maximum number of books allowed, then she would want to get home as fast as possible so she could devour the contents. It wasn't unusual for her to read eight books a day, often more than once!

Between the pages of those books, she was swept into mystical lands, of fairies, princesses, and talking animals, where the world seemed kinder than the real world, and brimming with Love and joy. She often wished she could be sucked into the pages to meet the jovial characters.

In her adult life, Keidi is still deeply connected to her Inner Child, and she always smiles at the magic and beauty of everything child-like. Now, she wants to share her sense of bliss with other children, reminding them to live from the heart, not to take life too seriously, and always put Loving first. All Keidi's children's books share important life teachings and Truths, using cute stories to educate readers about important values, and the splendor of Love.

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