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Experiences from the Light

Not long after I launched The Light: A Book of Wisdom, something peculiar started to happen. Everywhere I went, from airports to supermarkets, restaurants to elevators, random strangers would open their hearts and tell me their mystical experiences and transformational stories of Spirit and the other side. At times, these stories were instigated by my own true life tales, told with heartfelt passion and enthusiasm, but on other occasions, people would regale their stories on a whim, with no prompting on my part. Generally, no one had any idea who I was.

They didn't know that I was a spiritual author, who had put together a book called The Light with contributions by 22 luminaries to help people reawaken their own Divine inner spark. I felt rather like a giant human magnet to which people were attracted in order to finally tell these suppressed stories.

In the past, many of us feared being ridiculed for letting these stories escape into the judging eyes and ears of the public domain. However, gladly that is no longer the case, as a greater number of us are awakening to the fact that there is most definitely something more than this dense, materialistic planet called Earth. My purpose is to bring these inspiring stories to Light and shine unto everyone the message that we are not our bodies, that we live beyond our life here on Earth, that we have reincarnated hundreds, if not thousands of times, and that Loving is the most important lesson we are here to learn.

Thanks to all those random strangers who told me their stories, I quickly realized that Spirit wanted me to bring out another Light book: Experiences from the Light. And so I began gathering these stories, taking down the name and contact details of those who courageously told their true life experiences, and collecting them all in a word document. By reading the many stories inside this book, my true wish is that you shine even brighter, remember your own spiritual experiences with an open heart, and shed the fear of sharing them with others.

Experiences from the Light is due out in January 2015

If you have a story of spiritual awakening, transformation, major synchronicity, or of seeing the Light, then send a message below for potential publication in a future Light book:


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