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Following the Signs

Signs in Life

We are always surrounded by signs in life; the question is whether we're open to receiving them and taking note of their significance in our day to day existence.

When I was no more than eleven-years-old I remember sitting on the kitchen floor, no doubt writing, while my mum worked her way through a pile of ironing. I would always love to be in the presence of my beautiful mum, so whenever I had the opportunity, I would sit either on her lap, or as near to her as possible. On this particular day, the radio was on in the kitchen and a story came on about a lady who had been seriously stabbed and had been rushed to hospital after lying helplessly in the middle of a busy road. For some reason, that incident had never left my mind and I was about to find out why…

A man who I had recently befriended advised that I speak to a friend of his, called Julie Chimes. The sheer sound of her name had me thinking I had met her before, but I didn't know how or where. We arranged to speak on skype and Julie told me that she would soon be moving to La Herradura, a coastal town about 30 minutes away from my then-hometown of Torrox Costa, in Spain. We agreed to meet once she was settled into her new home. When she told me her story of being almost stabbed to death by a paranoid schizophrenic who she had allowed into her home, I felt so connected to her. When I read her book, A Stranger in Paradise, I felt the same. Soon after, I remembered the radio news about this lady lying in the middle of a road with multiple stab wounds, and then I put two and two together. I had remembered that piece of news amongst all the other news I had heard in my lifetime for a reason – Julie and I were destined to meet and work together in the future.

Julie took a strong interest in The Light. She loved my vision and mission and she wanted to help, so we began to meet regularly to discuss the content of the book and devise a marketing plan. One day we met at an Indian restaurant for lunch. Julie's husband, Richard, came too. As we left the restaurant and walked back to our cars, Richard suddenly gasped and pointed towards a wall scrawled with graffiti. We read the words aloud, “Verdad y Luz…Se Marcha.” This translates into English as, “Truth and Light…it works.” The funny thing was, weeks prior to this sighting I had started calling Julie “Verdad” and she had started calling me “Luz;” endearing nicknames for each other. What more evidence did we need that we were a powerful partnership to birth The Light to the world?! Julie's nickname of Verdad stemmed from her inner voice who she knew as Veritas, also meaning Truth. Mine came from the fact that I was the creator and visionary behind the book called The Light and all the future Light books, products, and workshops to come.

Later and rather humorously, I discovered that the title of my partner Terry's first book, which came out in 1990, was called The Writings on the Wall. Terry also played a big part in The Light and contributed a chapter to it, as well as introducing me to many of the other contributors. It seemed that the three of us had a greater karmic connection than any of us had been aware of. Were we meant to unite on behalf of The Light; a soul contract we had all agreed to fulfill before we came to Earth?

I'm sure that the writing is quite literally on the wall for us all. The signs in life are there for us to notice if only we will become still enough to look. God really is speaking to us all of the time and it's down to us if we listen or not. So open your ears and eyes and enjoy and take heed of what you see and hear, because it all has a greater meaning!

Light-filled Blessings,
Keidi Keating xxx

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Magic & Miracles

When it first “landed” in my head that part of my mission this lifetime was to put together a Book of Wisdom, I took action right away and made a promise to myself that I would get this book out to the world, no matter what happened! All I knew, in those early days, was that I had to include all the people who had helped me on my own path and that 100% of the net profit from the book sales would be donated to several charities.

I began emailing some of the luminaries who I wanted to be a part of this project right away and to my pleasant surprise they all said, “Yes, we'd love to be part of this special book." That gave me greater peace of mind that I was on the right track.

But there was one thing that really bothered me…

I didn't have a clue about the title of the book.

I spent hours and days agonizing over this, researching on Amazon, scanning other books in local shops, and racking my brains until they felt fried. A friend suggested calling it Soul & Chips and in utter desperation to find a title, I pretty much decided to settle for that. After all, I had wanted something catchy and with an element of humor attached.

When it came to get the cover designed, I felt frustrated by the various attempts and it began to feel like the book's high vibrational content didn't match the title, nor the accompanying image of a plate of greasy chips. Besides, those who live in the US call chips “fries” so I wondered how many readers would even understand the title.

Then, one night, I had a dream about a very talented medium. We were watching a film together in the cinema when he turned to me and said, “I told you that you would have a film made one day. Congratulations on The Light.” At this moment I refocused on the screen and saw a crowd of people clambering to the top of a green hill. The skies turned white and the people reached their hands up in order to touch this magnificent bright Light.

When I woke up I knew I had to call the book, The Light. I received further confirmation of this a number of times. For example, once I took the book Autobiography of a Yogi and asked Paramhansa Yogananda to give me a sign that The Light was the right title for my book. I opened his book and the first word I saw was none other than “Light.” Well, let's just say that was a bit of a clue!

A similar situation occurred when it came to the book cover of The Light. Initially the white butterfly above the letter 'i' was a heart, but no matter which angle I looked at it from, it never seemed quite right. It began to bother me…until the morning I woke up with a swarm of white butterflies fluttering around in my awareness. “Thank you Universe,” I said. “Now I know that a white butterfly belongs on the book cover.” As white butterflies represent freedom, transformation, purity and Spirit, it was simply perfect for the cover design.

From then on, I began to notice white butterflies everywhere and it became my special totem. Now whenever I see a white butterfly, I smile and remember The Light.

The moral to this blog post, is that there are signs and miracles all around us. All we have to do is recognize them as such, follow them and then take the necessary action.

Loving thoughts,
Keidi Keating xxx

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