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Praying to God

A social networking friend, who I have been helping to edit and publish her book recently reminded me of the fact that miracles can and do happen when we dedicate time and energy to praying to God. Understandably, some of you reading this may feel uncomfortable with the word “God.” So, whenever I mention God throughout the rest of this post, feel free to change it to whatever reference you would like to give it – whether that be “the Light,” “the Creator,” the Universe,” or your own preference.

When I was younger, from as far back as I can remember, I would kneel by my bedside every night and pray. I would say four prayers, always to myself, the words of which I still remember to this day. One of these prayers was so simple and it went like this… “Thank you for the world so sweet, thank you for the food we eat, thank you for the birds that sing, thank you God for everything.” I also said the Hail Mary, the Our Father and one about blessing all the friends and family members in my life.

Now, a couple of these prayers are obviously Catholic, especially since I was brought up as a Catholic, attended Catholic schools and had to attend mass every Sunday morning. At times, as I grew older, I began to resent having to go to church every Sunday and when I reached the age of 16 or 17 I decided to stop going all together. Something about it didn't feel right. At that time, or perhaps slightly sooner, I also stopped saying my nightly prayers.

So when my friend reminded me about the power of prayer, I immediately understood and realized what a joy it would be to start praying again. There are many different ways of praying to God. We can say prayers for things we would like for ourselves. We can say prayers for things we are doing in selfless service (in my case an example is praying for more copies of The Light to be sold so that more money is raised for the seven charities involved). We can pray for the well-being of others. Or, we can even pray really big and ask for things for the world, which benefit humanity as a whole.

In light of this recent memory jog, I've started praying to God every day and every night. I'm also not limiting my prayers to small requests. I've decided to pray and pray big!

There's one thing I always remember to add to my prayers and that is the words, “For the Highest good of all concerned.” That is a key to praying that works wonders and in that way it isn't solely based on a purely selfish request.

Since I began praying to God, about a week ago, miracles have already started to happen with The Light and the good news has begun to flow in, slowly at first, but soon I predict that it'll be gushing in real fast.

Now when I pray, I feel much more at ease about it as I'm not praying under the brand of any particular religion. To me, there are no religions, just the omnipresent power of God / The Light / the Universe

Special sparkly rays of Light,
Keidi Keating xxx

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These affirmations are especially for readers to awaken your Inner Light and shine, and they will help you to connect to Source! I recommend that you choose no more than three of these affirmations at one time and repeat them consistently five times each, three times a day, for at least two months.

Additionally, choose no more than one affirmation (the one that resonates with you the most) and repeat it silently whenever you can during the day. Let it become your mantra and feel its essence penetrate deep into your being. Here are the affirmations:

  • I am Light
  • I am the bright light of the heart
  • I radiate Light to all I meet
  • Light is my messenger
  • I allow the Light to guide me
  • The Light sets me free
  • My own Light awakens the Light in those around me
  • I am the Light of the Creator
  • I bask in white Light and feel it heal me
  • I am Love and I am Light
  • I send Light to all the people in the world who need it
  • I send Light to all the places in the world that need it
  • My heart shines with Light
  • I allow the Light to cleanse any impure or negative thoughts
  • The Light uplifts me and brings joy to my heart
  • My Light is a magnet for all things good to come into my life
  • I am a beacon of Light for others
  • I glow and shine with the essence of the Creator
  • I choose to live in the Light of my heart
  • I love the Light for it shows me the way

Shine on!
Keidi Keating xxx

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