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20 Interesting Facts About Me!

  • I have had a number of Out of Body Experiences (OBEs) which must make me an astral traveler.
  • I once saw a ghost in my bedroom as I awoke very early one morning. The ghost was sitting on the edge of my bed stroking my forehead as if to comfort me. When she noticed that I had seen her, she got up, put her cardigan over her arm, and fled through my closed bedroom door. The day before this happened I had been very emotional about something.
  • I dream of being an internationally best-selling author whose books touch people's hearts and empower them to shine.
  • I once started crying in class at the age of six because I couldn't draw a hexagon.
  • I started reading at the age of two and writing small stories at the age of four.
  • I own an expat magazine in southern Spain called The Sentinella.
  • My favorite flavor ice cream is mint and choc chip.
  • As a teenager I had bad acne and as a result I didn't feel very happy or confident in myself.
  • I love to see rainbows – they always make me smile.
  • I have not yet grown up and have no desire to.
  • I have absolutely no fear about dying and one day I hope to help the dying pass into the Light.
  • On the other hand I do have a fear of spiders, especially the big ones with long, hairy legs.
  • My name 'Keidi' was made up by my mum, Roisheen. But now there are many more Keidis in this world.
  • I meditate every day for two hours.
  • My favorite colour is purple, pink, green, blue, yellow….arrghhh, I love them all!
  • I have two brothers and one sister. I'm the youngest in the family.
  • I don't have any fillings.
  • I got suspended from secondary school for three days for knocking on my headmistress' office door and running away.
  • Once I had a code of Light downloaded into me in the middle of the night; a complicated series of letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • I was born on November 10th which makes me a Scorpio, but without the sting in my tail!


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