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The Keys to Manifesting

7 Steps to Manifesting Anything

Many people are taking about the law of attraction, the energy of the Universe and how our thoughts can manifest into things or preferred outcomes. But the truth is, not many people still fully understand how this law works or how they can apply it to their lives.

What follows is a real life example of the law of attraction at work after I used a proven technique to manifest exactly what I wanted.

It all started when, having lived in the same one bed apartment on the Spanish coast for the last nine years, I decided that I wanted to move. However, I didn't want to pay rent in order to live somewhere else as I was still paying a mortgage and bills on my apartment. I asked The Light to help find me the ideal place to live, for the Highest good.

At this point I had no doubts whatsoever that I would be moving. I totally and wholeheartedly believed that it would happen…and soon.

I took this a step further and energetically showed the Universe I was ready to move by packing more or less all my possessions into boxes. That felt like a very wise decision and I really did begin to get into the feeling that I was moving house.

I carried on with life as usual and strangely enough found that I didn't spare a second thought to all those items which were packed away into boxes. I did not feel attached to moving, nor did I wonder how it was going to happen. I simply allowed the Light to work its magic in whatever way it deemed to be for the highest good.

A couple of weeks later, a lady whose book I had edited wanted to meet me about the possibility of publishing it. She and her husband live between Bahrain and Spain. As I sat with them, sipping my peppermint tea, they told me how they so desperately wanted to move to Bahrain on a more permanent basis, but they couldn't because they had to look after their elderly cat. They said that they were asking around to see if they could find a reliable house-sitter but they hadn't found the right person yet.

A Light sparked in my heart and I knew that maybe this was my opportunity. It felt so perfect and divinely timed. I casually slipped into the conversation that I wanted to move house as I'd lived in the same place for the last nine years. They immediately caught onto that and asked if I would be interested in house sitting their villa in the Spanish countryside, which came with a 19-year-old cat.

A few days later I was in their villa, taking a look at that and their cat, to see if I wanted to take them up on their kind offer. Two weeks later I officially moved in. It couldn't have been more perfect. The villa was gorgeous, the cat was adorable and not only that, but they were paying me for the privilege! I had manifested exactly what I'd wanted (and more) and these were the steps.

  • I got absolutely clear on what I wanted to manifest.
  • I believed that it would happen.
  • I asked for it to happen.
  • I did something energetically to further develop the belief that this was definitely happening…
  • I stepped back and allowed the manifestation to occur.
  • I recognized the moment as soon as it turned up and took the appropriate action.
  • I said thank you all the way.

These are the only 7 steps you need to take to manifest your deepest desires into your life. Everything you want to happen is ready and waiting for you to energetically agree to it.

Loving & Light
Keidi Keating xxx

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Staying True to Yourself

It's easy for people to say, “Always stay true to yourself,” but it's not so easy to put this spiritual teaching into practice, as I discovered for myself.

A few months ago, as I was about to launch The Light book and begin the marketing and promotional campaign, I felt a little worried about finances. After all, most of the money to pay for everything was coming out of my own bank account and I had no guarantee that I would sell enough copies of the book to recuperate it.

In the midst of this worry and concern, the Universe cleverly dangled quite a large chunk of money under my nose, in the form of a ghostwriting client. Now this ghostwriting client wasn't the usual kind…he did not want me to help him write a book about business strategies, or how to live a more fulfilling life.

He wanted me to write him a book about prostitutes, sex, brothels, gambling and money.

Now you can imagine my shock, as this 80-year-old sex-mad man, started showing me photos of some of his women, coupled with a rather grotesque and seedy grin on his face. But the real shocker came when he turned to me and asked,

“And how about you… have you ever slept with another woman? Would you like to? If so, I can arrange it, you know…”

I gulped and looked for the closest exit door.

However, in all of this, I managed to see the funny side. Here I was putting together a spiritual, high-vibrational book called The Light, a little concerned about how I would make ends meet. And then comes along Mr Sex Pest, wads of “dirty money” in his hand, offering me 50,000 euros to write his book. I think it's safe to say that I was slightly tempted by the offer.

However, after some deep thought, meditation and reflection, I knew I could not write his book. The energy of it felt dense and grubby and even my desperate endeavors to find a spiritual angle to the book, failed.

I emailed the man and told him that I could not help him, but wished him the best of luck with finding a suitable ghostwriter. I don't think he liked that, because with all of his money, I think he's used to getting what he wants, especially when it comes to women.

As my good friend pointed out to me, “If you write this man's book, it'll be like you're prostituting yourself in order to earn good money.” Of course, she was quite right. I would not be staying true to my real talents and my genuine purpose for being on this planet. It's certainly not to embellish the subjects of prostitution and gambling, but to spread Loving and Light to the world.

This story is a rather extreme example of staying true to myself. Had I accepted the ghostwriting job, yes I would have earned a fairly large amount of money, which may well have come in handy, but I would have had all the stress of writing Mr Sex Pest's book, not to mention the time, which would have been taken away from The Light. In hindsight, I probably wouldn't even have had the time to write this article!

In fact, many amazing events have manifested since I said that very powerful word, “No!” I'm sure even half of these things would not have happened had I committed myself and my energy to writing a book which did not resonate with any part of my being.

The moral of this story is that by staying true to yourself magic is able to work its way into your life and manifest some truly magnificent surprises. Try it and see!

Keidi Keating xxx


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