The Light Experience

A Workshop to Transform Your Life

Want to feel happier...

than ever before on an ONGOING basis…. as well as attract untold abundance into your life?

Then you are invited to attend a soul awakening Light Experience workshop!

Light Experience workshops are designed to give you an experience of your Divine Self… the best that you can be...the fearless, energized, fabulous, creative you! The two-day event will quite literally change your life, and in more ways than one!

Here is just a small selection of the benefits that come with attending The Light Experience:

  • You will connect with the intense Light of your soul where everything is perfect
  • You will begin to attract amazing synchronicities into your life
  • You will get a greater sense of your life purpose and your destiny
  • You will begin to witness your true self
  • You will get out of your head and into your heart, which is where miracles manifest
  • You will learn how Loving (yourself and others) is the highest vibrational thing you can do during your time on this planet
  • You will heal old, stagnant energies
  • You will reawaken that exciting sense of bliss and joy
  • You will feel energized and ready to fulfill your own unique mission
  • You will feel a greater connection with Spirit
  • You will open the doorway to Truth
  • You will experience old limiting beliefs falling away
  • You will leave with a knowing that you can do whatever you set your mind to
  • You will feel HAPPIER than you may have ever felt before
  • You will learn how to feel that happiness every single day of your life, even on so-called “bad days.”
And this is just a small part of the intensive, blissful, Love-packed two days that you will have at The Light Experience. See it as a party – a fun-packed Light party, where likeminded souls unite, network, connect, share, and above all CELEBRATE life and all it has to offer.

And Here's a Little More Info…

The Light Experience is a 2-day experiential workshop that typically takes place in Ketchum near Sun Valley – a picturesque part of Idaho and a renowned tourist region.

The exclusive area attracts well-known celebrities, many whom own second homes in the region. The Light Experience is designed for groups of 50 participants or less. Each place costs $375 and does not include travel or accommodation. On the other hand, it does include delicious, organic, healthy buffet-style lunches!

Now and again Keidi will hold The Light Experience in other parts of the USA and different countries of the world. You can even email: and suggest a venue. Do check back regularly to find out when and where the next Light Experience will take place.

The next Light Experience will take place…
On: Date to be confirmed 10.00AM - 5:00PM
At: Place to be confirmed


Not including flights or accomodation. One meal a day will be provided.Each workshop is limited to 50 places.

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Thank you for your presence in this world and I wish you Love, Light and Blessings on your path.

Heartfelt blessings, my friend

Keidi Keating xxx


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